Welcome to the Altered Haven Wiki

Hello everyone, this wikia is now defunct, and while it has stats and will be reverted if griefed many items many be incorrect or removed. To the submitters/raiders I'm removing every submission used without permission by the ones that complained. Kthx

This Wikia ONLY lists the custom modded items introduced in Altered Haven. If you want to see the original Miners Haven items, do please go to the Miners Haven Wikia instead.

Otherwise, if you are here for Altered Haven, you've come to the right place.

The Wikia is where items of all sorts introduced in one way or another are listed by players, and maintained by the players. While updates for the project will be listed here to explain what was added and what was changed by the staff members/testers.

As of 7-16-18 this project has been discontinued due to a raid by submitters of MHG, the wikia will remain open for nostalgia reasons, but I do ask to not change any information besides grammar.


  • .Purposely putting the wrong information is not advised. Repeated offenses may have pages locked. Depending on the information subject, the offense can vary.
  • Do not add pages because of shenanigans or of jokes. Depending on the page subject, the offense can vary.
  • Do not grief pages. That is a high-offense and will be treated as such, no ifs or buts about it.
  • Do not harass or be toxic. Depending on the severity, it will be treated as such.

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